The role of the generic pharmaceutical
industry in the Moroccan economy

Created in 2010, the Moroccan Association of Generic Medicines (AMMG) represents the manufacturers of generic pharmaceuticals.
AMMG plays a vital role in Morocco’s health system and in the macro-economic sphere of the country by providing safe alternatives, effective and accessible to the Moroccan patient.
The role of AMMG has moreover been confirmed by the highest authorities of the country, since in 2013 AMMG had the honor to sign under the presidency of His Majesty the King, a program contract for the period 2013 – 2023, which aims to strengthen the development strategy of the industry in general and pharmaceutical in particular. Regarding the pharmaceutical section, the program contract defined a set of ambitious objectives for 2023, including increasing the generic medicament penetration rate from 38% to at least 50%. AMMG is called to work side by side with the government and in particular with the Minister of Health to achieve these goals.

What values?

In Morocco, it is the business sector that contributes most to make health care accessible. Its development is in line for an affordable health care system for all.

Health care accessible to all

Today, choosing the generic medicament is a citizen and responsible choice. As in most forerunners countries for generic medicament (USA, Canada, Europe…), choosing the generic be the prerequisite for optimal reimbursement of medicines.

Citizen & Responsible

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What guarantee?

The generic medicament is as effective and as safe as the originator, it is the exact copy: it contains the same active ingredient certified according to international standards (DMF, CEP).

All generic medicament are strictly controlled by the Department of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Ministry of Health, which has adopted as a reference the European and American pharmacopoeia, which gives the Moroccan medicament a quality and a safety meeting the international standards.

Generic Medicines
in Questions

What price?

For who?

The price of a generic drug can be up to 30% cheaper than the originator.

Up to 30% cheaper

Why ? Because it requires neither research fees, nor development costs. The price of generic medicament is lower; reimbursement costs less to the health system. The savings achieved allow especially taking charge of a larger population.

97% of diseases can be treated with generic medicines. Today, thanks to their diversity, most diseases can be treated with generic medicines, whether these diseases are acute (infections, back pain …) or chronic (high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic bronchitis …), whether they are benign (cough …) or serious (heart attack, cancer …).
Generic medicines are available in many forms, and they offer a wide range of treatments adapted to all patients. For all ages, from infant to senior, it is possible to take a generic medicine.